Bar Nightclub CCTV Systems in Sri Lanka

CCTV cameras Bar/ Nightclub in Sri Lanka

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Bars, taverns, nightclubs the problems are mainly the same, and typically involve employees who are outright greedy or may simply just have a sense of entitlement. Given such, the greatest source of profit loss is due to employees that intentionally over pour, give free drinks, or free brand upgrades to satisfy friends, generous tippers, or simply someone they wish to barter services with (free drinks = new brake job, repaired PC, sex, etc).

In the bar industry, not only can problem employees cost an organization and exorbitant amount of money, but they can create major legal hassles while endangering minors and the general public. Digitally recorded surveillance video is the perfect tool for bar operators to prove to law enforcement that IDs are being checked at the door or helping to prove that an individual was already drunk when entering the establishment.


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