CCTV Systems for warehouse Sri Lanka

Warehouse CCTV Systems

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Warehouses are unique in the scope of closed-circuit television systems for the same reason it so crucial that they be equipped with cameras: their inventory. Though homes and businesses do have assets that can be targeted by thieves, they both pale in comparison to a large warehouse with literally millions of dollars worth of inventory moving in and out on a daily basis, every bit of which a tempting target for an employee who needs an extra buck.

The problem is that even the most stringent inventory control can still suffer from holes. Especially when moving high-value commodities such as liquor or clothing, it is not at all uncommon for workers to help themselves to entire cases of products while loading trucks, or to simply wait until no one is looking and fill a backpack, either to keep for themselves or to sell online (for instance, on eBay or Craigslist). Of course, what’s easy cash for them is a major problem and extra expense for you. The main problem, and what makes warehouses so vulnerable to this kind of theft, is that with a large inventory moving on a daily basis, it can be easy for stolen units to go unmissed for days or even weeks after the original theft. At that point it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack when all of the sudden someone changes the haystack.

The presence of cameras can do a lot to ameliorate this. Even considering that, though, it can be overwhelming to contemplate the internal scale of a warehouse-based camera system. Even the smallest warehouse is a large building by normal standards, so how can it be possible to cover everything at an acceptable cost, especially if overages have already cut into profits? With a bit of planning, though, covering a warehouse can not only be simple, but also inexpensive. This is because, for a basic system, it is not necessarily the best strategy to cover every square inch of the building, but rather a simpler option would be to just cover entrance and exit points. From the perspective of a surveillance system, this can almost always be accomplished on a much smaller scale.

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