Securing Your Retail Location With Cameras

CCTV Cameras for Retail Location Sri Lanka

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One of the most difficult things about designing a system to go in a store or other retail location is that, with a bit of creative thinking and a large enough bag (or deep enough pockets), virtually anyone can steal anything they can hold in their hand. This presents a huge challenge to owners and designers alike: since everything in an average store is potentially at risk, everything must therefore be monitored. At this point it’s easy to imagine a skyrocketing price to defend one’s store, however with a little advanced planning it is possible to cover even a very large location very efficiently and cheaply.

The first (and most important) area to consider for a surveillance system in a retail location is the sales floor. As the area of the store vulnerable to shoplifting and (considering the sales staff must help customers) the most difficult to monitor, it is crucial to cover as much of this area as possible. Depending upon the size of the store this can be a daunting undertaking, however with a bit of thought and planning, even a large area can not only be covered with relatively few cameras. The first step is to identify areas where shoplifting is most likely to take place; any areas that management already knows are being hit should be prioritized, however the best systems will always anticipate others, as well.


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